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NOVEMBER 22, 2019

Sworn Translator

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A notarized translation – or an officially certified, legalized translation – is a translation of documentation prepared by a notary translator, signed, stamped and certified by a notary agency registered in the Turkish Notary Society.

These translations in Turkey are accepted not only by all official institutions, but by some official agencies. Some organizations, in addition, want notarized translation and apostille translation.

We provide sworn translation service for official documents such as diploma sworn translation, transcript sworn translation, medical report translation, passport translation, power of attorney translation, tender documents etc.

What is an Information Required in the Sworn Translation Document?

The document must contain information that the translation was made in accordance with the original, contain the name and surname of the notary translator who performed the translation, as well as the place, date, and telephone.

For which documents is sworn translation done?

In order to approve the Diploma equivalence, people who want to study abroad must get their documents translated according to the original.

In order to marry abroad, you must translate a birth certificate.

In order to use a driver’s license obtained abroad, you need to transfer the official driver’s license.

Companies also require translation of many documents. Notarial translations are performed for many documents, such as commercial contracts, translation of newspapers in the commercial register, translation of documents of the partnership structure, the absence of tax debt to the government, certificate of establishment of the company, circular signature.


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