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Suitable employee selection will provide you with an advantage over your competitors. An employee who is suitable for a certain position always shows high performance, remains more satisfied and devoted to the organization. In addition, according to studies, organizations that perform a psychometric assessment during the selection of personnel always receive a high level of efficiency and profit.

SBY consulting company works based on the goals of the companies, providing all the necessary personnel management services. The systems developed by professional consultants of the personnel department are aimed at ensuring the functioning of the infrastructure necessary for the development and continuation of the work of the department.


  • Helps you simplify and speed up the work of the Human Resources Department,
  • Improves the quality of work,
  • Allows simplification of standardization
  • Allows you to clearly define the responsibilities of employees,
  • Distributes employees depending on the structure of the enterprise,
  • Evaluates and improves the performance of the company,
  • Correctly distributes personnel of the Human Resources department
  • Improves productivity
  • Allows you to identify areas of employee productivity and improves them,


1 – Analysis and evaluation of work

Determination of the purpose, responsibilities of the organization’s structure, location and main responsibilities, sizes, internal and external relations, a chain of relationships and positions at a level that improves productivity, in accordance with the necessary level of knowledge and skills.

Task of labor planning:

  • Work analysis
  • Competence Performance
  • Current Employee Analysis

2- Performance Management System

In performance evaluations;

Target based performance management system

Competency-based performance management system

360 degree feedback system is applied.

Performance management systems consist not only of an assessment of previous activities, but also of assessing the potential of employees, creating a development plan and ensuring development.

3 – Valuation and Cost Management

It is very important for a company to determine a pricing policy that will motivate employees and also allow it to be competitive when compared with other organizations. SBY Consulting Company allows you to create a “Value Assessment System”, both for certain periods and in accordance with standards in accordance with an increase in staff productivity.

4- Selection and distribution system

The selection of suitable personnel and their correct distribution in the organization allows to increase the productivity of employees and positively affects their dedication to the organization. ‘SBY’ consulting company draws up a staff plan, prepares an organizational structure, defines responsibilities, and defines assessment methods for staff selection and distribution, which allows for more accurate selection criteria.

5 – Career Management and Organizational Reserves

Creating a team of successful employees, providing the conditions necessary for maintaining successful employees in the organization, preparing successful employees for the future, implementing development plans for administrator and managing a career are connected with performance assessment and educational systems management systems.

6- Assessment of satisfaction and professional affection

Preparation and implementation of the “Staff Satisfaction Questionnaire”, developed in accordance with the company’s culture, analysis and comments, exchange of information received with the organization’s management, determination of the development path for improving the production process.

The goal is to simplify the responsibilities of the personnel department, improve the quality of work and make a standardization.


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