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Translation services for hospitals;

Interpreters work in hospitals in order to ensure dialogue between the doctor, the patient and their relatives. Our translators team is represented by professional notarized translators.  Translators can be assigned on a day, week, month, depending on the duration of treatment of patients.

We guarantee you a fast and high-quality translation.

Our team of translators will help you easily organize all the medical processes within the hospital, providing top-level translation for foreign patients. In this way, we guarantee patient satisfaction. Contact us for detailed information.

Translation Services;

SBY Consulting Company provides interpretation and translation services in all languages of the world, and is one of the leading companies in the medical sector, thanks to its experienced translation and management team.

We are a translation center where organizations apply to receive fast and high-quality translation.

In order to minimize the possibility of mistakes, translation is carried out by specialists whose profile is medicine. At the end of the translation, control is performed by the editor. Thus, you will prevent possible problems to be faced both by your business partners and law.

Human resources processes;

In connection with the translation services provided, our Human Resources Department also provides staff for many Hospitals and Medical Centers.

Based on the requests of hospitals, we provide support in all the processes of the Human Resources Department, sending experienced personnel to organizations both full-time and part-time and for working every day.

Innovations that set the direction of the Human Resources Department improve our experience in the work of translators and the management team every year, and a strong technical infrastructure and experience that allows you to reduce costs as much as possible will provide you with special opportunities and advantages.


A team of specialists working in accordance with high technologies provides integrated services for all segments of the population and provides the highest level of customer satisfaction.


We recognize the importance of the services provided in the field of translation and outsourcing of the human resources department, respect the values of our customers, providing services without boundaries.

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