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Translation is not only an art, it’s a science. A good translator should have industry-specific knowledge and experience and the ability to grasp cultural differences, have excellent writing skills and follow the latest technologies. Experience of SBY Consulting Company will help you not only to get the translation services, but also understand your own necessities, open new markets, provide a complete documentation service where you can safely choose outsourcing for your translation and localization process.

With its experienced staff, SBY Consulting successfully serves its customers who need accurate and complete translations in many languages. Written translation continues to be the locomotive sector of our company. Our team of experts is able to translate the document perfectly in any type of content, with a great combination of language skills, writing skills and field expertise.


In some activities such as meetings, conferences, interviews, seminars, written words are insufficient and the message should be instantly delivered to the audience. SBY consultancy provides expert interpreting services for all your translation needs.

Consecutive translation

It’s a bilateral translation and assistance of all parties of the conversation. The translator listens to the speaker and translates during pauses. It is widely used during working meeting and at court. Since the speaker and the translator must wait for each other, it takes twice as long to prepare a message, therefore this type of translation is not suitable for long meetings

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation is performed by the translator at the same time as the speaker and is most often carried out at conferences and symposiums. During simultaneous interpretation, the translator is in the booth and performs translation using and using special technical equipment: headphones and a microphone. Simultaneous interpreters must have a clear diction and speak a foreign language, as in their native language.

Simultaneous interpreters work at international conferences and symposiums.

Other usage areas are;

  • Conferences aimed at international audiences
  • Social translation topics
  • Media (television programs, live broadcasts)
  • Diplomatic conferences and meetings
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