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Apostille Certificate Service

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Apostille legislation

NOVEMBER 26, 2019

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Apostille Certificate Service

With the Hague Agreement (Convention) concluded between the countries in 1961, legalization requirements of foreign official documents for the member states of the contract were abolished. Convention applies between countries and makes sufficient to certify the official documents to be used in a different countries with an apostille instead of a special stamp of a Consulate.

Documents required for Apostille Legislation

  • Official documen to be certified
  • Identification document with a T.R. ID of the person who brought the document
  • Passport or Residence Permission for a foreigner who brought the document
  • List with names of people on the official blank of the organization, if documents are brought by a company or visa agency

After the legislation procedures and translation are finished, documents are certified by responsible departments of Governorship or Governorate.


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